Sharing Colourful Animal Art with Animal Lovers

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Hi. I'm Lucia

and I want you to have a free print from my Rainbow Animal Collection

Firstly, Meet the Animals..

Bees are like the unsung heroes of our back gardens!

These little buzzers are vital because they're pollination champs.

They're out there helping our flowers, fruits, and veggies get their groove on, which means more delicious food for us and healthier gardens all around.

Plus, they're like the backbone of our ecosystems, keeping the whole natural show running smoothly.

They're making Britain a better place, one flower at a time!

Highland cows, these shaggy superstars, are a big deal in Britain!

They might look like they're all about the fluffy charm, but they're actually fantastic at preserving our wild landscapes.

These furry fellas graze on all kinds of plants that other animals won't touch, keeping our countryside tidy and biodiverse.

Plus, they're a symbol of our rugged Scottish spirit and heritage, making them a beloved part of our culture.

So, you see, they're not just cute faces; they're essential players in the great British landscape game!

Rabbits might seem like just adorable hoppers, but they've got their own special role in Britain too!

These little furballs help maintain our landscapes by nibbling on plants and keeping things in balance.

Plus, they're a crucial part of the food chain, providing tasty meals for predators like foxes and birds of prey.

They've been hopping around British fields for centuries, and they're like the furry ambassadors of our countryside.

So, while they might be known for their cuteness, they're also playing a key part in our ecosystem and heritage!

Donkeys, these friendly four-legged pals, have a special place in Britain too!

They've been working hard for centuries, helping farmers with all sorts of tasks and carrying loads in tough terrains.

They're like the unsung heroes of our countryside.

But don't let their strong work ethic fool you; they're also known for their gentle and affectionate nature, making them great companions.

So, whether it's in the fields or as friends, donkeys are definitely part of the British charm, adding their unique hoofprint to our culture and countryside!

So, WHY are these art prints FREE ?

I'm a full time artist, with a plan to show off my paintings to as many people as I can.

Giving away free prints of my artwork is a great way for me to get my art 'out there' and show off its high quality and beauty.

I'd like the opportunity to gain your trust, so you are confident about following my work, exploring more of my creations, and possibly making purchases in the future.

It's a way for you to get a taste of what I have to offer and build trust in my art and my business.

What's in it for YOU ?

I hope that these prints will brighten up your home and keep you smiling. I strongly believe artwork can lift your mood and reduce stress, and I would LOVE to be the artist who creates that for you in your home.

These prints are also a little nudge, reminding us just how amazing and special our British critters are. With my art, I'm aiming to shine a light on the struggles some of these animals face with extinction and loss of habitat.

Thank you for considering this offer, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Together, let us celebrate the beauty of animals and inspire a world that cherishes and protects them.

What you get

For just the price of packing and postage, you will get:

  • One FREE A5 size art print
  • Phone and Device backgrounds of this collection of animals, and many more
  • SAVE THE BEES guide - a digital download
  • Access to a SECRET SHOP where these prints and many more are heavily discounted
  • Access to Private Art Collectors Facebook Group, for competitions, discounts, live painting sessions and insights into all new art work
  • LIFETIME 10% OFF all future art work and commissions


  • Option to buy the additional 3 prints and upgrade the size
  • 100% Risk-free money-back guarantee - if you're not happy with your print, I'll refund your money and you can keep the print anyway
  • These are official and certified reproductions of my original paintings

All you have to do is....

  • Chose your print from the selection below - or choose the whole set (additional cost for the other 3 prints)
  • Fill out your details on the checkout page
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  • Then just wait for up to 14 days for it to arrive (I'll try to get it to you sooner)

About the Rainbow Animal Collection

This is a little bunch of my absolute favourite British animals!

With these colourful critters, I'm throwing a party to celebrate just a tiny slice of our amazing wildlife here in the UK. Those rainbow hues? Well, they're all about the...

I want you to take a moment, kick back, and soak in the sheer beauty and awesomeness of nature.

As you dive into the nitty-gritty details and those eye-popping colours in each painting, my goal is to spark that burning desire to safeguard and protect these awesome creatures and their homes.

In the end, this collection is my way of shouting from the mountaintops about my love for capturing the spirit of wildlife and sharing it with all you all.

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He's making Britain a better place, one flower at a time!

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Not just an adorable hopper!

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He's adding his unique hoofprint to our culture and countryside!

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About Lucia

Lucia Lovatt, an artist based in Wiltshire, has made animals the heart of her artistic journey, showcasing their beauty through acrylic and watercolour paints.

Her art is a tribute to her deep affection for animals, capturing their unique personalities in every piece. Currently, she's devoted to celebrating British wildlife, aiming to inspire greater appreciation for these creatures.

Lucia operates primarily online, directly connecting with customers worldwide to sell her artwork and fulfil commissioned pieces.

In addition to her online presence, she occasionally participates in local art fairs, both as an exhibitor and organizer. Her paint-along classes have gained immense popularity, drawing eager participants.

Lucia has not only found success but also profitability in her art business, all while balancing the demands of her family.

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